Alexander Kruze – vocals

Alexander Kruze is a young and talented singer, composer and author of a great many arrangements. He has a unique velvety baritone. There were musicians in his family going back seven generations. He graduated from a prestigious Moscow music training school. Participated in many TV projects for vocalists. He sings in many different music genres.


Александр Крузе

Андрей Меркулов


Andrey Merkulov – guitar

Andrey is the soul of our band. He has a fine ear for music and a great music sense – these are the two instruments he uses to produce fantastic solos on his guitar as well as to create outstanding arrangements of many songs.

Regina Panina – vocals (Instagram reginapanina)

Formation of Regina as an individual and creative unit happened in her native Tomsk, on the fertile soil of a family playing music - because her mother her a singer, and his father - a saxophonist, both honored workers of Siberian Athens culture, as they call Tomsk some poetic sources. We believe that thanks largely responsive creative atmosphere in the family of Regina, vzroschennaya on natural music feeds, so open and organically on the stage, and is not dependent on the repertoire, lyric or flirts, she performs with soul and love!



саша грекова город лета кавер группа

Alexander Solodovnikov – keyboards

Alexandr was born in Kazan in 1985. Prize-winner of the First Moscow International Competition of Jazz Performers (piano). Participant of many TV projects such as “Saturday night”, “Singing company” and “The romance of romance”.


Александр Солодовников